Woodcraft has given a new definition to home- furnishing in India. The Matsya Purana says that every home should have a beautifully carved doorframe in wood as a sign of welcome to visitors. Carved lintels, brackets and balconies are found in traditional homes in many parts of the country. 

Since time immemorial, wood has been used to make utensils. In Himanchal Pradesh water pitchers and bowls are made out wood. wood is used Storage receptacles are made in wood in many regions. Gujarat, in particular, has a rich tradition of wood-carving. Here, in addition to small chairs and tables, the swing, without which no traditional home is complete, is made. Wood lacquering is popular in Karnataka and Maharashtra. Traditional woodwork like painted cradles, boxes and ganjifa and the set of playing cards, are painted with religious and mythological figures.

The soft toned elegant walnut wood and the fine deodar wood are found in Kashmir. The lattice- work and the Khatamband works are famous. The fragrant sandalwood in Karnataka is used for carving out intricate pieces that captivate the eyes. The red sandalwood of Andhra Pradesh is used to carve idols, deities and dolls.