Pashmina (Cashmere) is an animal fibre produced by the cashmere goat, which is rather smaller than angora goat and is kept as a domestic animal at high altitudes (10-15000 ft.) in Tibet, parts of Persia Magnolia, China and Kashmir. The coat consists of two parts long, straight, coarse and short fine undercoat which makes the fine, soft material which is sold as pashm or pashmina (cashmere) it is generally understood in the textile trade that true pashmina (cashmere) is the very fine and soft undercoat obtained from different types or breeds of domestic goats designated as cashmere goats or pashmina goats, pashmina is often inaccurately described as the highest quality of cashmere.

The average fiber, diameter of FINE COMMERCIAL CASHMERE PASHMINA ranges from 13 - 15.8 micron. It can be distinguished from wool by its uniform thickness and distance between scale. Every process involved in making pashmina shawl or stole etc, is all manual and no machine or artificiality is involved. It is all done by the hands of both men and women of srinagar, and weaving, working and embroidery, is done by men

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